Sunday, 5 March 2017


So it's all systems go with my new adventure.
I decided to do something I am very passionate about and that's dog walking and pet care.
There is no better feeling than spending time with animals and being the owner of 2 springer spaniels I have had alot of funny times and awesome adventures.

So onto our 1st week which for me started on Tuesday and I had the pleasure of Dexter the Vizsla. We have visited several local places this week including Sale Water Park, River Mersey, Fletcher Moss and Kenworthy Woods.

Dexter is an amazing dog and such a character with lots of energy. It's been great as well because he  get's on so well with my 2 springers Snoop and Poppy. So much so that Snoop has really come out of her shell and after only 1 week the difference in her has been very positive. 

We also had the chance to meet up with a friend this week who was walking her dogs so there was plenty of socialising and loads of fun.

If you see us out on a walk come and say hello. You won't miss me in either my bright orange dogs4walks hoodie or bib.

Have a good weekend everyone
Reece (dogs4walks)

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