Sunday, 19 March 2017


So as mentioned in last weeks blog dogs4walks decided to 'Go Beyond The Extra Mile' and travel further afield with the dogs.

On Monday we took a trip into Derbyshire and had a fun walk along The Longdendale Trail which is a disused railway line that used to run trains between Manchester and Sheffield. 

The great thing about the trail is there's a couple of areas for the dogs to go for a swim and they can be off the lead for most of it.

As well as a few local walks we also went to Rivington Pike near Horwich which is awesome for dogs and humans. The views are fantastic on a nice day and even though the weathermen predicted an overcast day they couldn't of been more wrong.
The sun was shining from start to finish and it made the walk even more enjoyable.
There's woodland, water, grassy areas and some amazing sights that can be enjoyed in the area including Pigeon Tower, Seven Arched Bridge and a Japanese Terraced Garden.

On Thursday we welcomed an amazing character to join us on our daily walks. He maybe small but Alfie the Pug is a bundle of joy and has loads of personality. Hes fitted in really well already and it is a joy to walk him.

Then on Friday and Saturday we also had some cat visits to turn our attention too. Cosey and Anwen are 2 adorable house cats that are very affectionate and cuddly.
Caring and spending time with animals is an awesome job and they get treated like one of our own at dogs4walks. So if you need a one off walk or pet visit to something more regular then get in touch.

Thanks Reece (dogs4walks)

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