Sunday, 25 June 2017


Wow that was certainly a hot one this week, so we made sure the dogs got the chance to have plenty of opportunities to cool down.
This also gave us a very funny moment with Alfie in our little cool down pool at home. You have to see the video on our Facebook page

Dexter was back this week after a week away from us and we also had a new dog in Rio join us while his owners are away for a few days. He fitted in with the others dogs really well and had a great time playing and chasing around the other dogs, so hopefully we get another chance to walk him again some day.

One thing i did notice was how all the dogs react differently around water. In the 7 dogs i walked last week only my springer spaniel Poppy was the one who just loved jumping in. A few would paddle but most didnt feel to comfortable around it. Whether different dog breeds are more natural swimmers and are not bothered by water would be interesting to know.

I know our 2 springer spaniels had abit of a scare when they were puppies so it took a couple of months for them to get confident enough to go near water again. But once they saw other dogs having a great time they soon became obssessed by water, so hopefully after another few months of trying we may see some more of our dogs getting used to it.

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Here are some of our photos from the last week

Reece (dogs4walks)

Alfie cooling down after a dog walk

Alfie loves his dog walks

Time for a cool down at Chorlton Water Park

Jess who has loads of energy and is non stop on a dog walk

Rio who joined dogs4walks this week

Playtime time with the dogs in Wythenshawe

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