Sunday, 11 June 2017


So its been a long couple of weeks for us at dogs4walks so there was no blog last week but here's a recap of what we have been up to.

After the Bank Holiday I decided to get the dogs back into the groove with an awesome 10 mile walk around Styal Woods and the Manchester Airport Runway 2 Trail. This certainly got them running around whether it was chasing squirrels or having a race to be the first into the water.
At the end of the week we had our 1st new dog join us who is the one and only Frodo Baggins (yep you did hear me correctly). What a belting name for a dog.

Frodo is a 12 and a half year old terrier cross and is a friend of Alfie the Pug who I walk (hes currently on a 2 week holiday). So I have had the pleasure of walking Frodo for a week while his owners enjoy a break.
I also had a week of cat sitting for some cats I've seen before in Cali and Leo. These 2 cuties are a joy to be around and are so funny when they are playing together. 

Also at the end of the week Marley the Staffy/Boxer cross stayed with us for a couple of days of daycare. We went out of our way to make sure he wasn't left alone too long after his owner was let down. There's nothing worse than when you make plans for your pet and somebody lets you down. But then that's why I decided to get into this line of work, to provide a top quality service and go above and beyond what people expect.
The Sunday morning I was up at 5am to go and pick Marley up and he spent the day with us.

On Sunday I decided to have some fun with my 2 Springer Spaniels. It seems to me that every walk we go on at least one of them will find a ball. And without realising they all add up and we put them in a bag and forget about them. So while the weather was nice I decided to get the bag and have a look at how many we had. As you can see in the photo we have accumulated quite a few.

So onto the week just gone and not only did we have a new dog to provide daycare too all week (that being Dexter's best mate, we also had another new dog join our walks).

We had Red a Pointer for daycare for the week and WOW what a crazy week it was. Him and Dexter are a right pair together. I was pre warned of the antics they get up to while together and they didn't disappoint. I have never seen another dog hang off another's ears so much. It was as if Red wanted to suck the side of Dexter's face several times a day.

Pippa the pocket rocket was also back from her holidays so Wednesday was full on fun while she was with us. And then our 2nd new dog of the week was a puppy Labrador cross called Jess who has endless amounts of energy.
It was quite a challenge keeping her on the lead for her 1st walk with us and on a few occasions I thought I may end up going for a dip in the River Mersey myself.
On Friday we gave her some off lead time and got a chance to practice her recall which with treats went really well.
And now we get ready for another week. It's going to be fairly quite in the house due to Dexter being away for the week, however we have Alfie back with us this week.

If you need a dog walker or some cat sitting then feel free to contact us. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the area and we really do push the boat out to provide a 1st class service for you and your pet.

Areas we cover are Sale, Sale Moor, Northern Moor, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Gatley and surrounding areas.

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Poppy and Snoop with their hoard of balls

Red the Pointer who we provided daycare for at dogs4walks

Dexter and Red having fun on our dog walk near Wythenshawe

Frodo Baggins 

Jess and Marley enjoying the dog walk

Pippa the Pocket Rocket loves her group dog walks

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