Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Its been a busy week for dogs4walks this week. As our customers ie the pets and their owners are the Number 1 priority we always try to go above and beyond what is expected of us.
So if someone asks us to provide an extra service at the last minute or they would like us to rearrange plans to suit a pet we will always try to accommodate them.
This week was a 7 day week for us, but when you are doing a job you love it makes it all the more enjoyable. 
We had a new dog join us for dog walking this week called Marley who has already fitted in really well. It didn't take him long to make new friends in the group and it has been a pleasure taking him out for walks.
On Tuesday dogs4walks decided to venture further afield for a 'Going The Extra Mile' trip to the Peak District. The extra miles turned into a total of 9 when Dexter and Poppy joined us and we all did the Kinder Trespass Trail. We couldn't of gotten any luckier with the weather, although trust me to forget to put on any suncream and i ended up lets say a nice shade of red.
The trail was really beautiful and definitely a walk worth doing. For more information about the trail take a look here.
Or for some of my other photos on that day have a look at our Facebook page.

Wednesday is always a joy as we had Pippa joining us again for the 2nd time. I've never seen a little dog with so much energy and shes a great character to have around. Going to miss her this week as shes going away on holiday with her owner.

The only downside to this week has been Alfie the Pug who has a poorly foot so hes not been able to join us this week on our dog walking. So instead i managed to fit him into some dog sitting just to make sure we haven't forgotten him. And he certainly made sure he got plenty of attention. Dogs are great at giving you 'look at me I'm so poorly and you need to give me attention and belly rubs look'.

Towards the end of the week we started our cat visits to see Cosy and Anwen who we have looked after before and it was lovely to see them again. And then it was a first time visit to see two of the most gorgeous kittens EVER in Cosmo and Pascal. These two little bundles of joy were an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Days like this it doesn't bother you working weekends and a Bank Holiday.

If anyone needs any cat sitting then feel free to contact us.We can cover Sale, Sale Moor, Northern Moor, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Gatley and surrounding areas.

We also have spaces available for dog walking as well and it would be our pleasure to spend some quality time with them.

You can see our daily posts, videos and photo updates on Facebook as well. 

Reece (dogs4walks)



Alfie the poorly pug 
Cat sitting for Cosy and Anwen

Marley the dogs4walks new addition for dog walking with Pippa

Cat sitting for the gorgeous Pascal and Cosmo in Northern Moor

Pippa can fly. She doesnt need dog walking haha

Poppy and Dexter had a dog walk in the Peak District

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