Sunday, 21 May 2017


I have to say i have probably the best job in the world. You may disagree with that but right now i wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I mean where else do you get a welcome like you do when you go and pick up a dog from its owners house to take them out on a walk???

This week on Wednesday it was hilarious.

We had a Bichon Frise/Maltese cross puppy join us for a walk called Pippa and WOW is she is a bundle of joy. The energy from this little pup is AMAZING!!!!! A real little pocket rocket.

Due to having some spare time on my hands this week Alfie, Dexter and Poppy also got a treat and had some extra walking with me. Rather than them being at home and i would much rather give them the joy of some free walk time so they can have a good run around.

Dexter took a trip with me on Thursday for some 1 to 1 quality time for a walk i love which was around the outskirts of Quarry Bank Mill and Manchester Airport. Without taking a trip there yourselves its hard to believe the amount of steps on this walk, especially with alot of it following the River Bollin. So the dogs get plenty of changes to cool off in the river when its humid in the woods, plus you get all the smells of the woodland and other wild animals. 

Also Alfie, Poppy and Dexter had a longer than usual walk around the full section of Manchester Airport Runway 2 Trail. Plenty of off lead walking for them all to have a good run around, a nice dirty muddy hole for Poppy to have a bath in before dive bombing in the pond abit further along.

Only downside to this week was poor little Alfie the Pug having to take a trip to the vets with something possibly stuck in his foot. Even though Alfie showed no signs of any issue its never nice to see any animal having any issue. So hopefully Alfie makes a full recovery asap.

Good luck for your check up at the vets tomorrow Alfie.

I hope everyone enjoyed the fairly decent weather this weekend. By the looks of it we are in for some scorching weather this week. 
For an awesome update of the Manchester Weather take a look at Martin's forecasts 

Have a great week everyone
Reece (dogs4walks)

Alfie the Pug and Snoop the Springer Spaniel walking in Wythenshawe

Dexter having a great dog walk Quarry Bank Mill and Manchester Airport

Pippa the dogs4walks new addition to our dog walks

Swim time during our dog walking

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