Monday, 8 May 2017


I posted this on my Facebook page last week and wanted to share it with people. 
I pass the gentleman's house every day several times and cannot stop thinking about him. No photos of dogs/pets having fun this week because this is more important.

Last month I received a phone call from a local man who needed his dog transporting to the groomers. A gentleman in his late 70's with a blind 15 year old arthritic dog.
No problem i thought and i provided the service for them.
The gentleman was very friendly, had lots of stories to tell and loved having someone to listen too. Your typical grandad type and it was a pleasure spending time with him.
He mentioned his dog needed it's booster jabs soon and would contact me so i could take the dog for him.
Today he rang me.
Except this wasn't a call i was prepared for. He said it was more than likely to be a one way trip to the vets.
He asked if i was busy and i left what i was doing and drove to his house. Already the poor man was in tears.
Ben the dog was all he had left in his life.
Upon being told the vet was ready for us i asked thr gentleman if he wanted me in the room with him. He replied 'If you want too'.
After some checking over of Ben his owner decided enough was enough. The dog hadn't eaten for several days and he didn't want to see his boy suffering.
I had spent probably 90mins in this mans company in 2 meetings and was told by him 'Reece you are a good friend'. He shoved some notes in my hand to which i refused but he wouldn't have it.
God knows how hard it must be for him to go home to an empty house and like he said at the vets he hopes his dog has gone to doggie heaven.
RIP Ben.

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