Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Well there's been no complaints this week with nearly the whole time spent enjoying the sunshine. So where better to spend it than finding places where the dogs can go swimming.
They cooled off in the River Mersey and Chorlton Water Park earlier in the week before taking a trip to Styal for a gorgeous 2 hour walk around The Carrs and River Bollin (one of my favourite local places to go walking).
Even Alfie decided to get his paws wet again which is fantastic especially considering he wouldn't even walk through puddles when he first joined us on our adventures. Poppy as usual managed to find some other poor dogs ball in the bushes (that's 4 this week) so she was very happy, and Dexter had a great time chasing around a friends dogs.
We also welcomed Tara the English Bull Terrier who spend a day with us. Her owners were quite apprehensive at first when i took Poppy my little Springer Spaniel to their house for a meet and greet as Tara can be very excitable. Plus due to her breed they hadn't had too many opportunities to socialise her with other dogs because alot of people they saw didn't want their dogs near Tara which is a shame for her.
As expected Tara was all over Poppy but within 5 seconds Poppy made sure that she wasn't accepting it and Tara backed down. This is all part and parcel of socialising dogs and even though Poppy is a little 3 year old dog she did exactly to Tara what any mother would do to a pup.
Tara joined us on a group walk and got the chance to meet up with a friends dog walking group so had plenty of socialising and was not one bit of bother at all.

So all in all it was another great week at dogs4walks.

Next week we will also have another dog joining us on a Wednesday which we cannot wait for.

If you would like your dogs to join us on a walk then feel free to check us out. We limit our dog walks to a maximum of 4 dogs which gives them a chance to socialise well but also i can interact with them and they never feel left out.
We also provide cat sitting and cat visits as well as other pet services.

Reece (dogs4walks)

A dip in the river on our dog walk

Our dog walker entertaining us in the River

Dog walking in the fields at Styal

A great dog walk in the sunshine

Tara the Bull Terrier out with dogs4walks

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