Thursday, 4 May 2017


Dexter was back from his holidays this week and he certainly had a spring in his step. I captured possibly some of my funniest photos ever this week while we were having fun on the fields behind our house.

Even though we are a stones throw away from the M60 motorway its doggie heaven where we live. This is one of the reasons i moved to this area because you have the best of both worlds, being so close to Manchester City Centre, a 40 minutes drive to the Peak District, 60 minutes drive to Snowdonia and 90 minutes from the Lake District.

But then on my doorstep I literally only have to walk across the road to a park, cross a bridge over the M60 motorway and then i could be out for several hours around the trails and I wouldn't even have to touch tarmac.

In the past i have walked my dogs from Northern Moor to Pets at Home in Stockport (8.5 miles) and only had to spend 200 metres on tarmac.

I have the Manchester University Sports Fields within a 2 minutes walk from me, Kenworthy Woods, Chorlton Water Park, River Mersey, Sale Water Park, Turn Moss Playing Fields, Fletcher Moss Park, Millgate Fields all within a 4 mile walk from my house without walking on a road.
So to say I live in an area that is doggie walking heaven is 100% correct.

To make things even better there are even pubs in the area where I can take my dogs. 

For a better look at loads of dog friendly pubs check out this site: Doggie Pubs

We have the newly refurbished The Bridge Pub & Dining which if you haven't checked out yet you really should. Not only is it a wonderful place to spend outside on a sunny day right next to the canal but inside is really fabulous too. There's also Jacksons Boat which is right on the River Mersey and very popular with dog walkers because the location is fantastic.
Both of these pubs i can walk my dogs too without either A) walking more than 2 minutes on tarmac or B) walk on a road ( i have to walk on tarmac but its a pathway alongside the canal).

Heres some photos from this weeks walk and you will see what i mean by 'A Spring in Dexters Step'.

Hope you all have a good week.

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Reece (dogs4walks)

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