Monday, 24 April 2017


A much quieter week this week with Dexter going away on holiday with his owners so i treated Alfie to 2 new walks for him.
With Monday being a Bank Holiday it gave my wife Vanessa a chance to join the good life and she came with us. I decided to take a trip to one of my favourite local areas that being Styal Country Park and Quarry Bank Mill.
I have done loads of walks around here and the routes can be varied with lots of different paths to take with a previous walk totally around 13 miles. You can also include a fantastic walked called Manchester Airport Runway 2 Trail that coincidentally i took Alfie around this week as well.
This walk is not only an awesome walk for dogs but it gives me a chance to take in one of my other passions and that's aircraft spotting. There cant be that many airports in the UK where you can get amazing views of a great percentage of the runways and also get very close at times to the aircraft.
Seeing the Emirates A380 come buzzing over your head face on is a daunting task the first time you do it.
We also did my local sports fields a couple of times which has a total of 20 football pitches and can incorporated Kenworthy Woods and Chorlton Water Park. I am so lucky where i live for dog walking as once i walk the first 200 metres from my house i don't actually have to set foot on more than another 400 metres of tarmac in a 4 hour walk. Plus there's so many different routes and trails i can take there's always somewhere different to go.
When i get time one day i want to start looking into writing reviews and a guide to different places in the area people can take their dogs. I can thank Gary Box who runs Northampton Dog Walker for the idea.
So onto another week of dog walking and i hope everyone has a good week.

Reece (dogs4walks)

Poppy doesn't do dog walking here as she lives life at 200mph

Alfie on our dog walk debating whether to wind up Poppy

Alfie having fun on our local fields. Great place for dog walking

Poppy enjoying her walk near Quarry Bank Mill

Alfie posing for the camera

Go go go Alfie the Pug 

Alfie on a mission. He loves his dog walks

The bluebells around Styal Country Park

Here comes Poppy

Our dog walk around Manchester Airport

Poppy going for a dip in the River Bollin

Great views over Manchester Airport

Dont mind aircraft incoming her comes Alfie

Another dip in the river 

One of the tunnels underneath the runway

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