Sunday, 9 April 2017


A completely dry week with the weather and as usual the dogs were on form this week. It’s also funny how the further they get to the weekend it’s like they all wind down. I guess it must be all the fun and adventures catching up with them and by Friday they just want a casual walk about.

Dexter and Poppy were up to their usual tricks of chasing each other around and even Alfie was getting in on the act. He makes me laugh so much with the way he winds them up. He will stand there staring at them and all of a sudden do these little crazy movements to get their attention. By the end of the week he was jumping up at a friend’s dog on his back legs and it was like he was shadow boxing.  

Saturday I had the pleasure of some cat sitting and met the gorgeous Betty. With 2 visits to see her it was lovely to see her meet me at the door for both visits. What was funny was when she decided she wanted to sit in the kitchen sink and was quite content sitting there too.

This week coming ends with a long weekend for some being Easter and although it’s always nice to have a long weekend in my previous jobs in this job I don’t actually mind working. No Alfie or Dexter over Easter but I do have a couple of cat visits and if anyone else needs their dog or cat looked after over Easter weekend then please give me a call on 07938 699 623 or email me at:  as I still have places available.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy your Easter holidays.

Reece (dogs4walks)

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Dog Walking with Alfie & Poppy

dogs4walks cover areas for dog walking around Sale, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Gatley, Chorlton and surrounding areas

Alfie on a dog walk

Dexter and Alfie having fun on a dog walk

Dexter, Alfie and Poppy running around on the fields in Northern Moor

Alfie, Dexter and Poppy out with dogs4walks

Alfie loves having fun

Great fun on dog walking with dogs4walks

Cat Sitting with Betty

Betty decided she wants to chill in the sink

Cat visits with Betty

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