Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Usually i would love a 4 day long weekend where i am not working, but as i am now in a job i love i get great satisfaction caring for the pets while others enjoy time off.

This weekend meant i got the chance to spend time with some gorgeous cats. The cat visits over Easter were Betty, Cali and Leo who were all adorable, cute and very funny to spend time with.
Betty was up to her usual tricks of sitting in the sink and pawing at the tap to get water droplets coming out while Cali and Leo kept me entertained by either trying to open the zips on my pockets or running through their play tunnel.

During our dog walking Poppy and Dexter were up to their usual tricks of chasing each other around like lunatics. Now and again Alfie would wind them up and join in too so all 3 of them would end up shattered after the walks. So much so that Poppy joined Dexter on a 2 hour walk for him one day and then joined up with Alfie on his 1 hour walk.

We had visits this week to Wythenshawe Park, Turn Moss Playing Fields, Wythenshawe Sports Fields, River Mersey, Kenworthy Woods, Fletcher Moss, Chorlton Water Park, Styal Woods and Quarry BankMill

Plenty of variety on our dog walks to keep them all entertained.

An unexpected surprise this week was receiving an Easter egg from Alfie and his owner. Little things like this (although the egg was huge) are always nice and make it all worthwhile.

Here’s to another great week dog walking

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