Monday, 31 July 2017


So its been a while since i wrote a blog and i thought i better get back into it.
It's that time of year where people are looking at booking their summer holidays and breaks away which is great for me because it means people need their cats and kittens looked after.
Last week we visited a house which had 4 cats to see, with one of them being 21 years old. It was quite funny because apparently the cat was previously their neighbours who was obviously a Manchester United fan because the cat was called Eric after Mr Cantona.
The funny thing was the cat was actually a female. Then again we have a dog called Snoop who i called after Snoop Doggy Dogg so i guess i cant really laugh too much.

Over the last weekend we also got to meet 2 stunning Maine Coon cats who also had very different names to most others we have met. These 2 were called Fatty and Fink and i have to say they were absolutely lovely and it was so nice to be able to look after them.
Fatty was possibly the size of my youngest springer spaniel and he is possibly the furriest cat i have ever seen.

A new dog has joined us as well who we are providing dog sitting for. A very happy little girl called Tallulah who is a Dachshund, a breed you do not see very often around here. I remember when we got our first springer we barely saw any others unless we ventured further afield. Now they are getting a little bit more popular in our area.

We still have availability for more group dog walks and currently have an offer on where if you book 4 or 5 regular walks per week i will provide the first week for free. So if you need a trustworthy, friendly and reliable person to walk your dogs who is fully insured and DBS checked then please contact us
You can check out our genuine reviews on Google or Facebook to see what some of our customers think of the services we provide.

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