Sunday, 2 July 2017


So after I did my walk for charity on the Saturday I was still feeling very stiff come Monday, although to be honest it’s probably a better option to be out walking as opposed to sitting around and seizing up.

Now what I cannot work out is how dogs seem to recover from exercise so much quicker than humans. My springer spaniel did the charity walk with me and spent most of it on lead apart from a couple of moments where so ran around like a possessed beast. While on the lead she was also pulling me a 12 stone man up the hills.

But come Monday she was desperate to be out and about and running around like she hadn’t really walked 11.3 miles at the weekend.

My eldest springer spaniel has had 3 major leg operations in 2 years yet her recovery from all of them was insanely quick. After 2 months of recovery from a cruciate ligament operation she was back to doing what she loves best and that’s running around. She was also putting full weight on the leg within 24 hours of the operation.
Me on the other hand took 5 days to start feeling like I hadn’t been hit by a bus.

This week on our walks we said goodbye to Rio whos owners were back from Glastonbury. He has been an absolute pleasure to walk over the few days we had with him and lets hope we get a chance to walk him again.

The weather also took a massive turn for the worst so we spent a lot of time walking in the rain which meant the washing machine and drier in the dogs4walks household was in overdrive.
It’s funny how some dogs see the rain outside and immediately think ‘There’s no way I’m going out in that’. But then they don’t seem bothered by jumping in the dirtiest smelliest puddle you can imagine. That and the dog walkers worst nightmare which is ‘Fox Poo’.
Yes we had the delights of that this week and if you have never smelt it let’s just say ‘You don’t want to’.

dogs4walks has been running now for 4 months and I have to say this is one of the best decisions I have made in starting up a dog walking and pet sitting service. I have some amazing customers and get great joy in knowing that they are happy with the service I provide. If someone said to me 4 months ago the business would have been doing this well I would of said ‘I will take that’.
It’s taken a lot of time and effort to promote the business and if you want to be successful you need to keep up with promoting the service you provide. Luckily my wife has helped me out a lot especially with posting flyers in the local area and I have received a lot of helpful advice from a friend who runs Northampton Dog Walker.

We are still looking for custom so if you need a dog walker in Sale, Northern Moor, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Gatley or surrounding areas as well as pet sitting then you will not only be able to take advantage of some of the most competitive prices in the area for a fully insured and DBS checked dog walker, but also you will be guaranteed that your dog will be having fun and lots of care and attention or your pet will receive an amazing service for pet sitting.

So check out our website or Facebook page to see and read about our days out and about.

Reece (dogs4walks)

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